G Fit Coaching is an online coaching service. We work with you to set up a program tailored to your specific needs, available equipment and goals. Most clients are surprised at how little actual equipment is needed to have an effective workout. Whether your goal involves general fitness or you are aiming for fitness for a specific race, we are here to help guide you to meet those goals, with both challenging and fun workouts. 



“Gia is an excellent, efficient and enthusiastic trainer. She is well priced and goal oriented. Thank you Gia!”
– Sara P

“G Fit Coaching is very good at gently working your little hiney off!! And a fun trainer to be around; not to mention very knowledgeable about her job!”
– Mary C

“Gia’s coaching is grounded in keeping her clients safe while improving their performance. She instinctively knows where you can be pushed and how far, challenging you to better yourself without injury.”
– Adi M

 “Training with G-Fit Coaching has vastly helped my overall strength, performance and endurance, whether it’s going out for a run, hiking, biking, strength training in the gym or just simply being at work giving me that extra energy boost and confidence. Gia work’s with novice everyday people to professional athletes.”
– Daniel R

“ The definition of true success is helping others achieve something they once thought was impossible ”

Gia Madole - GFIT Owner/Trainer

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible training packages to suit all levels of fitness.